Setting Up Your Digital Account

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1)   Send your email address to along with the name your subscription is under.

2)   You will soon receive an email message letting you know you may go ahead and setup your account.

3)   Login to (just follow the information below if already logged in).

4)   In 1st Home screen click on blue letters Digital Edition.

5)   In 2nd screen click inside the red bar to setup digital account.

6)   In 3rd screen type your email address you sent to us, and it should take you to choose a password, security question and answer.

7)   Once you have done all the above you should be able to view the latest issue and any past issues in the archive.

8)   This is offered only to paid subscribers and together with the mailed issue.  Also, web subscribers will automatically be enrolled when purchasing a subscription with the email address listed in their information.

9)   You will receive an email message every month once the digital edition is ready to be viewed.

10)  Login with your email address and password.  (Keep that information in a safe place…we do not have access to it.)